Rose Seeds Germinating (%100 Guarantee Solution)

Rose Germinating   (Türkçe Anlatım İçin Buraya Tıklayın)

You can germinate rose seeds with perlite
cotton and gauze but the guarentee way is germinating them with with perlite. So i will show germinating them with perlite only.

Germinating With Perlite
Split your seeds into 2 and let them wait in a cup of water for 1 day. Dribble 3 drops kettle descaling of your cups, mix it and wait 15 or 30 mins the eliminate the water. Also eliminate water of cup which you didn’t use kettle descaling.

germinating rose seeds Rose Germinating

Why i Used Kettle Descaling ?
Because shell of rose seeds are so strong so we will guarantee it with using kettle descaling.
Note: kettle descaling (descaling use for tea kettle)

Moisturize half of a jar of perlite or a little bit more with srpay. (2 times of spraying)
And miz the seeds that we eliminated defore with the perlite or put them different jars. close the top of jar. write the date od the day that you done on it.
Put the jar inside of refrigerator. (Don’t putit freezer.)
Note: (Between +3° and +5°). level of
refrigerator must be 3

Rose Seeds Germinating

Now put the seeds out of jar on a paper after 3-5 months and eliminate the cracked seeds.Care fully, You can check the cracks of seeds with aflash light and it is there any of seeds which is not cracked. you must put it back to perlite and inside of jar and ther retrigerator back then wait for 10 -15 days for re-check.
Now put the perlite , peat, soil to the pot then place the seeds then put 1,5 cm – 2cm perlite -peat – soil more and water it.

Dont put too musch water.
This solution can not be applied for fresh seeds. fresh seeds must be planted to the soil directly and basicallly.

Germinating Rose Seeds Click to look at the Pictures (Pinterest)  

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